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Fall 2017 Issue of the Lincoln Letter

by Site Admin on December 11, 2017

The Fall 2017 issue of the Lincoln Letter is available on the Newsletter page of the website.

2017 NAILE Junior Show Results

by Site Admin on November 16, 2017

NAILE is underway in Louisville, KY and this past weekend was the youth show. It was an outstanding show with 99 head entered! Here are the “unofficial” results (official results will be posted when available). Thank you to everyone who supports this show!

White Lincoln Junior Show

Early Spring Ram Lamb (5) – Blake Campbell
Late Spring Ram Lamb (4) – Tayler Garges

Champion Ram – Blake Campbell – Ram-Lin Acres RLA 1750 – Class winning early ram lamb
Reserve Champion Ram – Tayler Garges – Garges Girls 96 – Class winning late ram lamb

Yearling Ewes (11) – Nikkole Sheppleman – Rader 525
2nd Yearling Ewe – Tayler Garges – Garges Girls 63

Pair Yearling Ewes (3) 1st – Tayler Garges, 2nd – Bailey Towery, 3rd – Blake Campbell

Fall Ewe Lamb (1) – Ashton Anderson – Lein 1695

Early Spring Ewe Lambs (10) – Eva Garges – Garges Girls 76
2nd Early Ewe Lamb – Tayler Garges – Garges Girls 73

Late Spring Ewe Lambs (9) – Tayler Garges – Garges Girls 79
2nd Late Spring Ewe Lamb – Blake Campbell – Campbell 726-45

Pair of Ewe Lambs (8) – 1st – Nikkole Sheppleman, 2nd – Tayler Garges, 3rd – Thomas Day, 4th – Blake Campbell, 5th – Laurie Baughman

Champion Ewe – Ashton Anderson – Lein 1695 – Class winning fall ewe lamb
Reserve Champion Ewe – Tayler Garges – Garges Girls 79 – Class winning late ewe lamb

Best Fleece – Jennifer Bennet – Sando Farm 1708 (late ewe lamb)

Young Flock (6) – 1st – Nikkole Sheppleman, 2nd – Tayler Garges, 3rd – Blake Campbell, 4th
-Thomas/Christian Day, 5th – Laurie Baughman, 6th – Bailey Towery

Natural Colored Lincoln Junior Show

Fall Ram Lamb (1) – Laurie Baughman – Reid 16-38

Early Spring Ram Lamb (3) – Annabelle Kruse – Kruse 17444
2nd – Thomas Day – CRF 1646 “Percy”

Late Spring Ram Lamb (6) – Terrence Blake – Blake 30
2nd – Blake Campbell – Campbell 712-49

Champion Ram – Terence Blake – Blake 30
Reserve Champion Ram – Annabelle Kruse – Kruse 17444

Yearling Ewes (8) – Justin Taylor – Taylor 16-548
2nd – Annabelle Kruse – Breckenridge 07

Pair Yearling Ewes (2) – 1st – Annabelle Kruse, 2nd – Blake Campbell

Fall Ewe Lamb (1) – Justin Taylor – Taylor 16F555

Early Spring Ewe Lamb (6) – Blake Campbell – Campbell 705-51
2nd – Nikkole Sheppleman – Rader 556

Late Spring Ewe Lamb (10) – Terrence Blake – Blake 37
2nd – Annabelle Kruse – Kruse 17446

Pair Ewe Lambs (6) – 1st – Annabelle Kruse, 2nd – Laurie Baughman, – 3rd Thomas Day

Champion Ewe – Justin Taylor – Taylor 16-548 – Class winning yearling ewe
Reserve Champion Ewe – Blake Campbell – Campbell 705-51 – Class winning early ewe lamb

Best Fleece – Jennifer Bennett – Sando Farm 17-11 (late spring ewe lamb)

Young Flock (6) – 1st – Terrence Blake, 2nd – Justin Taylor, 3rd – Blake Campbell, 4th – Annabelle Kruse, 5th – Thomas Day, 6th – Mason Johnson

For photos, please see the slideshow on the Junior page.

2017 Heritage Livestock Conference

by Site Admin on October 20, 2017

It’s not too late to register for the 2017 Heritage Livestock Conference in Williamsburg, VA from November 9-12th, 2017.

This conference, hosted by the National Livestock Conservancy, celebrates rare breeds of all species and includes tours, speakers and networking. Join Friday’s tour called “All Things Sheep”, for a full day clinic with topics including breed selection, infrastructure, husbandry, health, nutrition, predator control and more. There will also be local fiber artists joining for a discussion on crafts with heritage breed wool.

For more information and to register, visit: https://livestockconservancy.org/

National Lincoln Junior Show Sponsors Needed

by Site Admin on October 9, 2017

It’s getting close to the National Lincoln Show at The North American International Livestock Exposition, Louisville, KY. It is also that time when we would like to ask for Sponsors of the Jr. Show. Mindy Reid has already organized the awards and we are looking for support to be able to continue to offer them. Below is a listing of the classes we would like to sponsor and the amount to cover the awards.

We want to thank you in advance as this wouldn’t be possible without your support.

Champions – both black and white and ram and ewe – Donation $80 each class – they will receive a chair, 2ft trough and an embroidered halter

Reserves – both black and white and ram and ewe – Donation $60 each class – they will receive a picture frame, 1 ft trough, and an embroidered halter

Pair of Yearling ewes, pair of ewe lambs in both black and white – Donation $65 each class – they will receive an embroidered UnderArmor bag and a 2ft trough

The young flock for both blacks and whites – $55 each class – they will receive a three ft trough, and a $25 dollar gift certificate

Please let Mindy know what class you would like to sponsor. The donations may be mailed to her at:

Mindy Reid
11152 Reid Rd
Houston, MO 65333

Please make checks NLBSA.

Contact Mindy with questions at wyncrest2003@yahoo.com.